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The Team

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PI Thilo Womelsdorf (Assoc. Prof.) ; Researcher Profiles are available from Google Scholar, ResearcherID and ResearchGate. And where I came from: Neurotree.

Dr. Marcus Watson - Postdoctoral Fellow, Researcher Profile available at ResearchGate

  • Marcus works on projects elucidating how we learn to accurately categorize and classify objects, how we learn the relevance of different object features for these categorization tasks, and how these two forms of learning interact with each other.

Dr. Veronica Nacher - Postdoctoral Fellow, Researcher Profile available at ResearchGate

  • Veronica works on questions about the mechanisms and functional roles of brain network interactions in attention and learning tasks.

Phd cand. Mariann Oemisch (Biology)

  • Mariann is a three times awardee of the prestigious Ontario Graduate Studies (OGS) Fellowships.
  • Her work focuses on the neuronal correlates of learning in prefrontal-striatal brain circuits.

Phd cand. Benjamin Voloh (MSc) (Biology)

Phd cand. Ali Hassani (Biology)

  • Ali works on the role of noradrenergic receptor activation for the gating of attentional relevant information in prefrontal-striatal brain circuits.
  • Ali is recipient of the 2016 prestigious NSERC student fellowship.

MSc cand. Marzyeh (Sam) Azimi (Biology)

  • Marzyeh (Sam) works on the pharmacological influences on flexible attentional behaviour in learning and attention tasks.
  • Sam carries the prestigious Queens Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in 2016/2017 !

Dr. Christopher Thomas - Technical Consultant, WWW hompage

  • Christopher is conceptualizing, designing, and validating novel experimental set-ups. His work includes the integration of video-engine and eye tracking data into a full experimental suite for testing human and nonhuman subjects on naturalistic tasks; the synchronized multi-camera monitoring of complex behavior during experiments; and the development of advanced electrophysiolgical recording and stimulation set up.

BSc. cand. Alireza Tajadod (Honours Thesis, Mathematics)

  • Alireza aims to identify how saccadic eye movement patterns predict to which aspects in our environment attention is deployed.

BA cand. Steven Chen (Honours Thesis, Cognitive Science)

  • Steven is working on the experimental control of naturalistic 3D environments and develops machine learning approaches to understand the behaviour of humans in these 3D environments.

Dr. Hongjing Wang

BSc. cand. Milad Naghizadeh (Research Practicum, Biology)

  • Milad works on characterizing the saliency of 3D objects in simulated 3D environments and the role of saliency for attention performance during learning.


[» For past members and their whereabouts]

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