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  • For our electrophysiological recording of brain activities and the tracking of eye movement behaviour we are using high density digitial acquisition tools from Neuralynx. The support from Neuralynx goes beyond acquisition systems and includes fast recording adaptors that allow the fast switching from electrophysiological recording to current stimulation across multiple recording channels.

  • sharcnet.jpegOur analysis of connectivity patterns between brain cells and of behavioural modelling analysis uses high performance computing platforms provided by Sharcnet. Sharcnet is a consortium of 18 academic institutions in Canada who share a network of high performance computers.The Sharcnet computing resources and research tools are co-organized by Compute Canada. Compute Canada is a Canadian wide advanced computing platform integrating high performance computing, research expertise and tools, data storage, and resources with acadmic research facilities across the country. For our lab Compute Canada has been an indispensable tool for realizing dynamic brain connectivity analysis.

  • For most of our patient testing we use custom experiments written in the matlab based Psychtoolbox. The Psychtoolbox provides real-time precision of visual stimulation and behavioural control. We use a USB-1208LS USB-1208LS from Measurement Computing to exchange timing and event information with neuronal data acquisition systems.

  • For most of our experiments we control behavioural performance with the matlab based program MonkeyLogicmonkeylogic.jpg. MonkeyLogic allows for near real time precision in the presentation of movies, visual stimuli while at the time monitoring and controlling eye movements and joystick responses of subjects.

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