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Brain Connectivity Tools

Brainmaps tools (Washington U) This site has multiple tools to navigate through primate brains. BrainBrowser is a tool for flexible real-time manipulation and analysis of 3D imaging data using normal web browsers. It offers browsing though human and macaque brain ( BrainBrowser MACACC). Some background is described in a (Frontiers manuscript on web-based neurological data visualization)

CoCoMac 2.0 The largest anatomical connectivity database around for the primate brain. This link allows literally scrolling through the brain with all the label and coordinate information one needs !

Core-Nets Core-Nets allows to visualize conectivity from / to all major cortical brain areas in a very fast and interactive way! Neurosynth is a true revolution to functional human brain imaging ! It allows to do online interactive meta-reviewing with forward and reverse inference about funcitonal associations of brain areas.

Use neurosynth to see how attentional processes are 'distributed' in the human brain, e.g.:

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